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Queen's Park Primary School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!






Senior Leadership Team:


Interim Executive Headteacher: Mr Commins

Head of School: Mrs Killip

Assistant Headteacher / SENCO/ Designated Mental Health Lead: Mrs Royle

Assistant Headteacher / Curriculum Lead: Miss Hayes

Wellbeing and Partnership Coordinator: Miss Wilson

UKS2 Lead: Mr Young

LKS2 Lead: Mrs Lalji

KS1 Lead: Miss L Cullen

EYFS Lead: Miss Durkin


Early Years:

Nursery:  Mrs Bucke and Mrs Chung

Reception D: Miss Durkin and Miss Taylor

Reception H: Miss Howard 



Year 1T: Miss Tsegezeab

Year 1S: Miss Seabourne

Year 2AC: Miss A Cullen 

Year 2LC: Miss L Cullen (Lead)



Year 3M: Miss Martin

Year 3K: Miss Kirkland

Year 4L: Mrs Lalji (Lead) and Miss Rebelo

Year 4S: Miss Sutton


Year 5W: Miss Warner

Year 5Y: Mr Young (Lead)

Year 6H: Miss Hayes

Year 6M: Miss Mackinlay


Support Staff:

Ms Marblestein, Mrs March


Learning Support Assistants:

Mr Ali, Miss Hayden, Miss Mohamed, Mr Birmingham, Miss Ramos, Miss Gaston Johnston, Miss Klosinska, Miss Hussain, Mr Gaudin


Office Staff:

Ms Dibra and Mr Alex Roxas

Mr Sanders (Bursar)


Parent Liaison Officer:

Ms French


Premises Manager:

Mrs March


Children's University:

Director: Lyndsy Killip

Manager: Stella Wilson

Partnership and Engagement Coordinator: Eulina Clairmont