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Queen's Park Primary School

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Visions and Values

 Our Vision for our Pupils


We aim to empower our pupils to believe in their capacity to make a change in the world... a change for the good.


We strive for our pupils to recognise their individual talents and potential and hope when they leave school that they will be judged not only by their performance during tests but also by the quality of their character.


As teachers and educators and leaders we aim to:

· Ensure that the curriculum is meaningful and testing purposeful.

·  Empower children as leaders of their own learning.

·  Track progress of learners as individuals and support them in achieving their potential.

 · Promote critical thinking and problem solving.

 · Promote student voice

 · Foster a culture of respect and compassion

· Create opportunities to apply their learning to new scenarios.

· Give children the opportunity to communicate clearly: write, speak, and present ideas effectively in a variety of media within and across subjects.


To promote social and emotional wellbeing and develop character we:

· Work to become effective learners: develop the attitude and skills for success (e.g., initiative, responsibility, perseverance, collaboration)

 · Work to become ethical people: treat others well and stand up for what is right (e.g., empathy, integrity, respect, compassion)

 · Contribute to a better world: put their learning to use to improve communities (e.g., citizenship, service)


 ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela