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School Council

Our school council is a representative group of students who have been proposed and elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues amongst other pupils, as well as with the senior managers and governors of the school.

The object of our school council is to help children and young people to:


  • Enjoy and feel empowered by their education
  • Feel that their school responds to their needs and views
  • Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them
  • Have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place
  • Develop life skills through participation.

Children in the School Council propose and take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of their peers, and bring to staff attention problems or concerns that pupils across the school have. Class representatives are elected from Year 2 onwards, with the head boy and head girl automatically allowed to take part in council meetings. It is a councillors' duty to take suggestions put forward in class discussion to fortnightly school council meetings, and then report back to their classes afterwards.

The School Council also considers which charities to support as a school, and initiates pupil fund-raising drives. We currently fun raise for a school in the Philippines and have supported the local newsagents when they had a fire.

New equipment for the play decks is always a common suggestion put forward by the children and the School Council through questionnaires ascertain just what the children think is most needed. The Parent Teachers Association is always very helpful in providing funds for a variety of different play equipment for pupils of all ages.