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Queen's Park Primary School

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Welcome to Our School



Queen’s Park Primary School is a thriving, friendly community school committed to providing the best possible education for families and their children in the local area.

At Queen’s Park your child will find a nurturing community which supports them with their emotional and social development, creating an environment which enables us to expect the highest possible standards of academic success.


We have a team of enthusiastic, professional and dedicated staff who aim to create a school where every child will achieve. The school was praised in our Ofsted Report in July 2017 which judged the school to be ‘Good’ overall. We have built on this success with successive year 6 cohorts achieving above national averages in reading, writing and maths. The commitment to hard work by both staff, children and their families are the principle reason for this success and it is these qualities which we continue to build on as we move forward; developing a very special school for our children to be a part of.

The talented and committed team of staff help to ensure that every child in the school is valued and cherished. The quality of relationships between children and staff is one of which we are rightly proud. We aim to make certain that our school is a place where all children will be challenged, happy and able to make an individual contribution to the success of the school and the community it serves.

To achieve our aims, teamwork is essential. We believe very strongly in a close partnership between the school staff, children and their families. This is the way in which effective learning takes place. We warmly invite you to visit our school and look forward to welcoming you and your family to Queen’s Park.

Ben Commins, Headteacher