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Approach to whole school wellbeing

Queen's Park Primary School's approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Queen's Park Primary School we are committed to promoting positive mental health for the whole school community. This means understanding what mental health is and how we can support each other when experiencing personal challenges.

Each member of staff at Queen's Park Primary is trained in Mental Health First Aid, parents are being trained as Mental Health Champions and children have an understanding of neuroscience looking at how the brain works.

Student Universal Offer


Zones of Regulation

At Queen's Park Primary we use zones of regulation to underpin our wellbeing (behaviour) policy. This is designed to foster self regulation and emotional control.


Mind Up

All children across our school are introduced to Mind Up. This is a programme designed by the Goldie Hawn Foundation, aimed at supporting children with their understanding of how their brain works, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to regulate their emotions, form positive relationships and act with kindness and compassion.


Daily Mile

Children from reception class upwards complete the daily mile. Aimed at encouraging fitness in a social activity. We fully appreciate the links between positive mental health and physical health.


Westminster Children's University

Children from Year 1 upwards are encouraged to participate in Westminster Children's University, promoting positive mental health through a range of extracurricular activities focused on raising aspirations and increasing social action, understanding and knowledge of public health initiatives in mental and physical health.

Targeted Intervention


We understand that different things can happen in life which may cause emotional stressors on life. As such at Queen's Park we focus on supporting emotional wellbeing through a number of different interventions. These include:

  • Bereavement Groups
  • Emotional Literacy Groups
  • Resilience Groups
  • Friendship Groups
  • Lego and Robotics Groups
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Parent and Community Wellbeing


It is important for us to focus on the wellbeing of all members of our school community. This means that our school has an open door policy, we encourage parents to talk to us about any concerns about their children but also understand that this can come from their own personal circumstances. As such we have created partnerships across Westminster to support and direct members of our school community to get the help they may need.

Staff Wellbeing

We put a large emphasis on supporting our staff to have positive mental health. We ensure that all members of staff are trained in mental health first aid, not just to support the children within their care, the families but also each other. 

In 2018 we were awarded Excellence by the Healthy Workplace Charter for our work focusing on policy, procedure and approach to wellbeing.

We also engage in regular 'Time to Talk' activities, team building and mental health training such as sleep workshops.

We are committed to the NEU Teacher Workload Charter.