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E Safety

Online Safety Information for Lockdown

This page is about E-Safety and safeguarding our pupils when using computer games, websites and internet browsing. Gaming and social media is popular with children however many sites and apps have age restrictions and content inappropriate for primary aged children. It is a sensitive subject but we have a duty to protect your children online and educate them about E-Safety.


The school is teaching E-Safety lessons to help children be aware of how to keep themselves safe online. We would also encourage all parents to spend some time discussing internet use and safe gaming with their children and then come up with an agreement about what is acceptable. For example, we have discussed with the children that not using the ‘Chat function’ in games will prevent upsetting messages being received. Similarly, we would suggest parents use parental controls and settings, which can be applied to both devices and internet access points. Taking part in activities with your child is also a great way of understanding how your child is using the internet.


A useful resource website for supporting carers/parents with children being online is: