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Queen's Park Primary School

‘Aspire, Achieve, Excellence’

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher                      Ben Commins

Deputy Head                      Lyndsy Killip

Assistant Head (SENCo) Rosie George


KS2 Phase Leader           Laura Hayes

Year 6                                 Laura Hayes

Year 6                                 James Bradley

Year 6 Trainee Teacher      Lydia Stoker

Year 5 (Assistant SENCo)  Lucy Kirkland

Year 5                                 Adam Meredith

Year 4                                 Rosie George/Melissa Royal

​Year 4                                 Neil Almond

Year 3                                 Leah Golding

Year 3                                 Samira Amella


Higher Level Assistant       Stella Wilson

Higher Level Assistant       Cath March

Higher Level Assistant       Marlon Cockrane

Higher Level Assistant       Marcelle Marblestein



KS1 Phase Leader             Melissa Ghany

Year 2                                 Melissa Ghany

Year 2                                 Louise Cullan                                   

Year 1                                 Zoe Howard

Year 1                                 Kate Durkin

Year 1 Trainee Teacher      Ahalya Patel


Higher Level Assistant       Denise Taylor

Higher Level Assistant       Denise Chung


EYFS Phase Leader         Noelia Carapuco

Reception                         Noelia Carapuco

Reception                         Felicity McNeill

Nursey                              Louisa Postle


Early Years Educator        Michelle Doherty

Early Years Educator        Souad Jebari

Early Years Educator        Jackie Constable

Early Years Educator        Hanan Abdallah


Office Manager                Edwina Buckley

Office Assistant                Ardiana Dibra Cani