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Queen's Park Primary School

‘Aspire, Achieve, Excellence’

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Visions and Values

At Queen's Park Primary School our aim is simply to be the best possible school we can be. As a school community we are committed to achieving the vision, "Aspire, Achieve and Excellence". For us this means that everyone associated with Queen's Park Primary School 'aspires' to be the very best they can be, to dream the impossible and make it possible. It means all children will 'achieve' the highest academic standards whilst striving for 'excellence' in everything else we do whether it is learning a musical instrument, representing the school in sports competitions or contributing towards the local community.

Our mission statement which is 'to provide an education in partnership with the community that prepares our children for their futures by developing creative, resilient and independent learners' describes how we aim to achieve our vision.

We believe that for children to succeed in today's world achieving high academic standards is not enough. Creativity, resilience and independence are qualities which they will need if they are to be prepared for the ever changing world which they live in. This means happy children who feel welcomed and welcome others to their school. It means children who are engaged with their learning, are excited by education and are motivated and aspire to want to achieve. It means children who are successful and know they are valued. It means children that have respect for themselves and have respect for one another. We ensure this happens by teaching the children about the following values, which underpin everything which we do:


  • Section Respect and Tolerance - We show respect to all members of our community.
  • Honesty - We are honest with ourselves and others.
  • Courage - We have the courage to stand up against those who do not share our values make the right decision even when others may not.
  • Friendship - Our school is a happy community where we are friendly to everyone.

We hope that this website and the information that it contains gives you a flavour of what our mission statement means in practise