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Queen's Park Primary Approach to Positive Mental Health

Queen’s Park as Mental Health Champions

At Queen’s Park Primary School we pride ourselves on the provision we have for Mental Health. We actively promote wellbeing in our pupils, staff and families.


We understand that schools play a vital role in promoting positive mental health in children. By providing a safe and supportive environment through well trained staff and mental health ambassadors we support our children in building life skills, building resilience and giving them a strong sense of belonging.


For our children to have positive experiences in school we need to provide opportunities for listening, building healthy relationships and creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.


Both our Headteacher Ben Commins and Deputy Headteacher Lyndsy Killip are certified mental health first aiders, with Stella Wilson qualified as a child counsellor.


We also work closely with Avril McDonald and the ‘Feel Brave’ project which promotes positive mental health through story and activity.


As part of our WE day project our young ambassadors are focussing on improving wellbeing amongst their peers by introducing peer mentoring and worry sharing systems amongst the four schools involved in the project.


We are also a Rights Respecting School which allows us to help children be more aware of their rights within school and the wider community as well as support each other in using the language of rights and help support their peers in maintaining an environment of mutual respect and empowerment.

 ''I have a bold goal; To give children everywhere, access to tools to help them manage tough emotions and reach their creative potential.


Stress blocks learning and creativity flowing. Our world has never been more distracting and fast paced than it is right now but it’s also never had more exciting potential to share great ideas in how to make radical positive change. More than ever before, our world needs more mindfulness, more compassion and more action! Feel Brave is my personal contribution towards positive change starting from the ground up with The Feel Brave Series of Books"


Avril McDonald is the Author of the Feel Brave Series of Books (Little stories about big feelings for 4 - 7 year olds) and founder of Feel Brave Ltd. She set up the 'Friends of Feel Brave' charitable arm with the vision to give all children access to tools to help them manage tough emotions and reach their potential. Avril is an ex Primary School Teacher, Business Woman and a Mum. She is also a fellow of the RSA which has a mission to enrich society through ideas and action.